JIUNN LONG MACHINE CO., LTD. was established in May of 1989 as one of leading manufacturers of knitting machines in Taiwan. Under our own JIUNN LONG brand, we are keep supplying our abundant professional technology for designing knitting machines as productively and speediness with the latest technology and good price that is an essential factor for increasing the competitiveness and benefits to all our customers. The establishment conception for JIUNN LONG was came from the owner, Mr. Wang San-Chi who originally intended to design and manufacture knitting machines for his own knitting factory. However, JIUNN LONG now is not only a knitting machine maker for one knitting factory, our sales circulation has been created in all over the world and received the reputation of delivering the highest quality, the best service, and the most reasonable prices since its establishment in 1989.
JIUNN LONG' factory has 1,000CBM yard for allowable manufacture 80 sets knitting machines simultaneously, plus the productive foundation of production line, rigorous quality control system and quick lead-time procedure with worldwide authorized distributors group that absolutely enable our service very quickly, efficiently and faithfully. To satisfy different customers in the professional and commercial fields, JIUNN LONG has a full range of knitting machines and accessories that accumulated our experience both in knitting and machinery to build the machine with the latest technology. R&D division adopts SOLID WORKS 3D designing system that provides animated simulation of a virtual demon for the mechanical design that greatly improves the reliability of all machines we proudly present.Under the 1st priority to build up a complete production relationship with all our esteemed customers, JIUNN LONG is always maintaining the best services as below:

1.  Warranty for knitting machines.
2. Training service for knitting machinery.
3.  R & D for the latest textile products.
4.  Textile analysis demand requires by customers.

Eventually, under the leading by the president, Mr. Wang San-Chi with our excellent products, plus the worthy supports from all our customers, JIUNN LONG has created a worldwide sales circulation in Asia, Europe, Mid-Southern America and Mainland China. Consequently, we sincerely appreciate all our customers who kept support to us in the past years and the relationship to be maintained continually. However, we are still looking forward to having wonderful business relationship with you for present our best service in the near future.